RediSets™ Creative Direction Branding Process

RediSets™ Creative Direction


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Part process, part creative, part purpose

Developed and honed by branders with over 20 years of purpose-driven branding experience, RediSets Creative Direction is a series of exercises created to help draw lines around visual direction—the way a brand is represented in the world through color, imagery, and design.

RediSets Creative Direction contains four exercises intentionally designed to lead teams through a collaborative, inclusive process to codify a brand’s Color, Pattern & Texture, People & Living Things, and Style.

Not to mention, this process is made to elevate an already-existing branding method or equip you with a fantastic method if you have yet to develop one. Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel every time, right?

The decks included

Deck 1: Color
A visual tool to communicate a brand’s messaging.
Deck 2: Pattern & Texture
A visual tool to spark emotion through a brand’s design.
Deck 3: People & Living Things
A visual tool to capture the qualities generated by a brand-audience exchange.
Deck 4: Style
A visual tool to embody a brand’s personality and direct its outward identity.

The supplies included

Every RediSets Creative Direction set includes video tutorials for each exercise, comprehensive result worksheets, and branded sticky notes. We also recommend a timer, like TimeTimer™, but any timer will do.

The team behind it all

Hey there! We’re LimeRed, a team of creatives and strategists with 20 years of experience building purpose-driven brands. We developed these methods to help branders and creatives like you amplify impact and move smarter—eliminating assumptions, saving time, and making room for all voices to be heard. Plus, LimeRed is a Certified B Corp, (and WBE and LGBT and DBE), so we know what’s up when it comes to purpose.

Preorder note

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